Success Stories from Some of Avancer Coaching's Clients

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your time and for meeting with me these past weeks. I went in to this coaching planning to talk about specific goals, and though they have actually been implemented in my life via other avenues, what we ended up talking about during the sessions was what I really needed. You know how to draw out the right focus and ask the right questions. You've given me gems to move forward with, and I know I couldn't have gotten through this season without your help and expertise. Thank you for your amazing ability to encourage and bring one's life back to the path they are meant to be on. I so look forward to meeting with you again!"
Heather Kirby, event coordinator

"I began my sessions with Alix thinking that all I needed was a new direction to take with my career – ideas on what type of role would finally satisfy me long-term, a plan to get there – and then I would no longer be worried or unhappy. But after getting to the root causes of my unhappiness and stress, it became quite clear that it was not the job that was the problem, it was more my ways of dealing with the everyday stresses of work and of life in general. Alix helped me come up with new ways to think about the problems as well as ways to manage them. Ultimately, at the end of our time together, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I'm now waking up refreshed rather than worried, and I leave the office each day with a sense of accomplishment rather than dread for the next day. I credit Alix with that, and while I know I'll have to continue to work on my stress management, she's given me a foundation on which to build."
Sean D., finance manager

"Coaching with Alix was an awakening on many levels for both my professional and personal life. From the very first session, Alix's thoughtful, supportive and empowering guidance to self-discovery and self-improvement allowed me the much needed platform to introspect and navigate the path to my true identity and values.  This critical foundation was continuously reinforced by the actionable steps of the regular fieldwork assignments following every session, which tremendously helped expand my range of understanding and openness to the needed transformation."
A.K., project manager

"I came to coaching with no expectations; however, I was surprised by and really enjoyed how organic and free-flowing the entire experience was. Discovering a new way to utilize my talents with writing has been invigorating. Now I feel like I have a new path to move forward on."
Foster Solomon, performing arts teacher, actor

"Alix was a wonderful coach! Just after talking with her during my initial consultation, I knew that she was someone who could help guide me to a career that would match my values and interests. Not only was Alix warm, extremely positive, and easy to talk to, she really helped me work through my career goals and find possible new career paths. Through activities, thoughtful discussion, and homework, I was able to stay motivated and really learn how to network, effectively search for jobs matching my skills and interests, and fine-tune my résumé and other materials. She gave me hope when I was discouraged and was there to celebrate the successes. She really supports her clients, and her encouragement and guidance really made a difference in my job search and career change. Making a job transition is about self-discovery, and working with Alix helped me to realize my potential and see myself as the professional woman that I am.

Just before my final session with Alix, I was offered an interview for a great job. So Alix and I practiced together, preparing for the exciting event. After having my interview on a Friday afternoon, I was offered a second interview that following Monday. Two weeks later, I was offered the job and couldn't wait to start my new career in a place that I have always wanted to be. I am so thankful for Alix and all her insight and enthusiasm. She was the catalyst that allowed me to accomplish a dream, and I cannot recommend her enough."
Chapin Hardy, new events and sales coordinator at a children's museum

"Coaching with Alix was integral to my setting up my business in a way that mirrors my core values. While I have taken many values and personality/behavioral evaluations in the past, going through the process with Alix was especially helpful. Throughout our coaching, when I was challenged by something, she would help me come up with solutions taking into account my personality style and values. I have incorporated many of the skills and processes that Alix helped me with, and one in particular, saying "No with a Yes", has been so valuable in my day-to-day life when working with my clients, colleagues, and even my family. I am grateful for the time I spent with Alix and will call upon her again when I am ready to set some new goals personally and professionally."
Jill Eades, broker/owner-realtor

"What surprised me about our career coaching was the additional benefit of identifying my core values and exploring my plan for the time in transition between jobs. They have been just as helpful as the career services. Now I feel prepared to land a new job, and I'm armed with some new tools in my toolbox for my personal life, as well. Hurrah! I'm prepared for what's next."

Less than a week later:
"How nice to have concluded our coaching with an interview following on the heels of our wrap-up session. I have now been offered a position in my target industry!"
Marianne Peterson, fundraiser

"What I liked about this coaching was the brainstorming and thinking up ways to achieve results. It's great when you can bounce ideas off of someone who is educated and capable of adding new insight. I'm more confident due to our coaching and the tools (and homework) as well. I'm building confidence because of my new abilities...better, healthier communication at work and in my personal life. I'm also learning to be more organized so I will move forward and achieve the things I want to achieve. No longer just floating along—but steering the boat."
Will Raines, network operator

"After several months of feeling stuck and confused about where to go next in my career, I decided to turn to Alix to help me through these big questions about 'what next.' Alix brought such enthusiasm and so many insights that helped me to see the bigger picture, define a longer term pathway for my career, and develop a short term plan to be much more satisfied and happy in my current career. Even when I felt like I was at a roadblock, Alix helped me see how to use my strengths to get to my next step in my career.  I don't think that I could have made some of the tough decisions I made about my job without Alix's invaluable guidance and support – thank you, Alix!"
Courtney T., senior program director

"Thank you for teaching me how to look at things that seemed impossible to overcome from a different perspective and for helping me to find the courage to try things in a new way. It has been life changing for me."
Diana H., advertising agency owner

"Through coaching, I learned a lot about myself—my personality type, strengths, skills, and what job types best match those. I also learned how to write a proper résumé and how to target it to a specific job based on the job posting. I got everything accomplished that I was hoping for."
Marshall Francis, web developer

"I sought out coaching with Alix as a positive way to grow in my career. I was looking for a mentor or coach who was truly and completely in my court, someone who was only concerned with helping me grow. With Alix's help I grew in ways unimaginable. I left each meeting with her empowered and invigorated to take on the challenges of the day. I also learned more about myself. Sadly, I had to end my meetings with Alix because through my coaching experience I met a life-long goal: moving to New York City. I cannot thank Alix enough for her coaching."
Cara Wells, advertising executive

"Are you in transition? Unclear about the next step in your career? My hearty recommendation is for you to sign up with Alix. She helped me pinpoint my personal core values, develop practical next steps, and strategize about how to 'fire on all cylinders.' The result? I was offered a new job that meshed with everything Alix had coached me with. I can't thank her enough."
Julian Linnell PhD, executive director of a missions organization transitioning to a church Minister of Missions

"I immediately connected and felt comfortable with Alix. Beginning the next day after our first meeting, things began shifting that weren't working for me. Now I have a new work schedule, I feel much clearer about my values, and I understand the importance of living in a way that honors my values. I was surprised how quickly these things shifted for me. It was miraculous to me! My life is much fuller, and I have reconnected with the important people and things in my life. I feel like I could do coaching forever. Alix is that good!"
Mary Feldman, administrative assistant

"Initially I did not know what to expect. Yet I was really happy with how—through talking and exploring things—I could look at my direction, or current path, and my goals from a different perspective. It's really nice to talk about various topics. It is as if, through your assistance and the different exercises and discussions, you were able to realize little issues and passions that I want to work on. I like how you have encouraged me to see the things that needed addressing and pursuing. Instead of telling me an answer, you helped me find it myself. I also like the positive and honest approach. It is clear that you are caring and passionate about your position, which helped me feel comfortable discussing various topics."
Vince Zawada, artist, professor

"After spinning my wheels for months, You, Alix, were able to help me refocus on my immediate priorities and get my résumé together! THANK YOU!! It feels so great to have a direction again! You enabled and challenged me to think deeper and more specifically about my goals and where I am in my life right now. I have valued every minute of our time and am very grateful for all of your help. Your gift of listening to even the very subtlest of nuances of what I had to say is second to none. You were able to 'read between the lines' so to speak and quickly get to the main issue... you circled in on the problems and offered priceless solutions... often just by your asking tough or thought-provoking questions."
Tammy Wiernasz, student, small business owner

"Career coaching reaffirmed what I like to do—what characteristics of jobs are important to me and those that are not. It refocused me on my skills and abilities and what I bring to the table. It cleared some "cobwebs" and helped to reduce my doubts. Plus I came away with some tangible items: a résumé redo and a new cover letter. Although it required work on my part, it was easier than I had thought or expected. I feel like it was uplifting and left me feeling really good about my prospects."
Jean McGowan, portfolio manager/investment analyst

"After taking a long look at myself, I began to evaluate what I wanted in my career and what it would take to get me to the next level. I sought Alix‘s expertise as a life coach to learn how to interview with confidence and to further develop my leadership skills. Alix helped me to tap into my natural talent and abilities through hands-on experience, whether it was practicing interviewing, leadership development and deployment, or finalizing my resume. In a manner much like Maslow‘s "self-actualization", she helped me to recognize the endless possibilities for reaching my full potential. Building my self-confidence and self-realization landed me a career opportunity that I had been seeking. Thanks to Alix‘s extensive knowledge and her warm, welcoming personality, I am more self-assured than ever. I could not have done it without her help."
Lisa W., manager

"As a result of this coaching, I have a new résumé that shows more of my skills. And thanks to the practice interview sessions, I know how and where to begin with my responses to interview questions. I am surprised at my new ability to speak so freely about myself and my career."

3 months later: "I was offered a counseling position right here in my home county. Since that happened, I have had two more calls for other interviews. I cannot believe this is happening to me. I'm so excited. Thank you so much for your help. My new résumé, I believe, is what did it."
Rita Huston, 4th-grade teacher transitioning to guidance counselor

"Thanks to Alix’s warmth, encouragement, knowledge, and creativity, my coaching experience has been very affirming and productive. I have gained clarity in understanding and appreciation of my own personality and unique self in the here and now and what that means for my ongoing sense of vocation. I appreciated the structure that offered me a sense of accountability and accomplishment each week and also allowed for some spontaneity in attending to the leadings of the Spirit. I also want to celebrate the greater sense of balance that I came looking for and now have. I can make choices (and during these past five months I have been making choices) each day toward the future that I want to have. This sense of empowerment has been so life-giving and has revitalized my day-to-day living, relationships, and work experience."
Gretchen Schwemer-Smith, chaplain

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