Thank you for your interest in Avancer Coaching. I will be on "sabbatical" for the months of March, April, and May, 2018. I will be accepting new clients in June.

Coaching For Health & Wellness

Alix Miller of Avancer Coaching leads a group coaching session at American Family Fitness on finding time for fitness.

In small-group sessions such as the following, I provide participants with a learning environment that allows them to be active and involved.

Confronting Your Saboteur

All too often in our lives we hear the voice of our Saboteur whispering negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Although the message may differ from person to person, the effect is the same: we are stuck in the status quo. In this class, we will examine how you might ignore the counsel of your Saboteur and move toward creating the life you want.

"I was impressed by Alix’s ability to have us all connect with and identify our inner Saboteur. It made me accept the fact that I can continue working on it and that I am not alone in this endeavor. Alix’s personal touch and creative ways engaged me in this process and made me understand that dealing with my Saboteur is a ‘work in progress.’" - Ulrika Thomsen

Opening Windows

Bringing contemplative practices into your life is like opening windows in your home to allow the fresh breeze to enter. Meditation—also referred to as contemplative prayer or centering prayer—is a refreshing, joyful experience, like opening windows to God. In this session, you will learn some of the history and benefits of meditation and practice one or more approaches.

"Alix is a great communicator. Her quiet demeanor and genuine interest in you and the subject she is teaching makes her style very comfortable and easy. You will immediately feel a connection with her." - Hilda Urban

To inquire about a workshop, contact Alix at or call 804-794-3745.

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