Alix's coaching process explained
  • A thought-provoking, creative process
  • Begins with a 2-hour discovery session
  • In person or over the phone

The Coaching Process

Coaching has been defined as "a partnering with a client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."


Coaching is a process that is unique to each individual; however, many coaches begin all coaching engagements with an intake session. At Avancer Coaching, I begin with a 2-hour intake session that I call a discovery session. If the coaching is being sponsored by a client's company or organization, the client's supervisor/direct manager may wish to join in for a portion of the 2-hour session.

After the initial discovery session, all coaching sessions are an hour.

In Person or Over the Phone

I coach clients throughout the U.S. although my home state is Virginia. Individuals who live in the Richmond area meet with me in my office. Clients living outside of the Metro Richmond area typically meet with me on the phone. However, I have worked with individuals who drive as much as 2 hours each way in order to hold their sessions in my office.

Length of the Coaching Engagement

Each client determines the length of our coaching work together. I have found that it almost always takes more than one month for a client to get all that they need. Each client determines at the end of each month if the coaching will continue into the next month. Individuals being sponsored by their company or organization may opt to set up a three- or six-month coaching program.

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