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Alix Miller of Avancer Coaching talks to Jessica Noll about making changes in the new year. CBS interviewed Alix on Virginia This Morning on Jan 2, 2013.

Career Coach in Richmond, VA

In recent years we have seen a financial crisis leading to the deepest economic downturn since the 1930s. Many jobs were eliminated and others reshuffled. Perhaps your job was spared, but you were left with uncertainty of its stability or maybe a new, unwelcomed job description or even the nagging feeling of being in the wrong place. In the face of these and other career challenges, individuals can turn to a career coach to ease the transition and to capitalize on their potential.

Comfortable. Relaxed. Individualized.

Career coaching provides a comfortable, relaxed environment in which you will discover your unique personality traits, strengths, and values. Mix these with an exploration of your interests, and now we have a recipe for matching who you are with what you do.

If you are looking for new employment, I can help you uncover skills and abilities and find ways to highlight these skills on your résumé. Your career coaching sessions will also include help articulating these skills and abilities with ease during job interviews.

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