On Sabbatical, returning October 2017

On June 2, 2017 Avancer Coaching turned 13. It has been an amazing thirteen year run! Now it is time to take a mini-sabbatical. I plan to work with existing clients as long as needed, yet not take on any new clients until October 1. I hope I will hear from you in October.

Coaching for Change

Alix Miller of Avancer Coaching talks with Sam Brock about setting goals vs. making new year’s resolutions. Alix was interviewed on CBS 6’s News At 7:00.

Life Coach in Richmond, VA

Coaching has been used in the corporate world for many years to improve the effectiveness of executives and managers. Now coaching is available to anyone seeking to build a foundation of personal effectiveness.

Your life. Your goals. Your results.

  • Knowing what you want in life and stepping toward it
  • Identifying your strengths and capitalizing on them
  • Being focused and productive each day
  • Putting an end to self-defeating thinking or behavior
  • Achieving balance between home and work

These are just some of the desired results that cause people to turn to a life coach.

Sometimes life squeezes in on you. Working with a life coach can open things up and get you moving forward to a more exciting future.

Is it time for you to hire a life coach?

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